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Crochet diva

I’m sure many of you have wondered about who creates all the wonderful NaturallyCaron.com projects, the designers without whose creativity we would all be wearing boring fleece.

The richness of the textured stitches that designer Tammy Hildebrand has created in her Copenhagen Jacket speaks for itself.

Here’s Tammy:

ICopenhagen Jacket wanted to create a jacket that would look great worn casually with jeans but also could be worn with a dress or skirt for a classier look. I wanted my design to look as good from the back as it did from the front. I have always been intrigued with the interesting detail and texture of cabled knitwear so I decided to experiement with crocheted cables. I used front and back post double crochets to form the vertical lines. The cables were created using front and back post triple crochets. Another great feature of this jacket is that it would flatter all different types of body shapes and sizes.

I really enjoyed making this jacket because it required a little bit of thought to follow the stitch pattern. It wasn’t all that difficult, just not boring. What made it even more enjoyable was working with this wonderful yarn. Country has a lovely, little spring to it that made the stitches come alive with such clear definition. The hook literally glides along with the silky texture of this yarn. It is a joy to work with.

I have been crocheting for over 35 years. I am passionate about it and cannot imagine a d ay without a hook in my hand. Well, actually I can. A few years ago, I broke my arm. I was about to go crazy not being able to crochet so I devised a method of holding the hook with my feet and manipulating the yarn with my left hand. I now resort to this method whenever I have overdone it with a crochet marathon and need to give my hands a rest. You do what ya gotta to keep stitching!

‘Nuf said!

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