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Why do we knit? Why do we crochet? Why is there air? Huh?? It’s a very similar question, one that defies answering.

And knitters have different reasons than do crocheters, though it’s all for the love of yarn. But let’s pick just one reason, a very obvious one: a new baby in the family – or soon to be in the family. While it can be very relaxing to knit or Picadilly Baby Blanketcrochet a baby blanket or tiny sweater – after all, we’re talking 1 or 2 balls of Country for a sweater and about double that for a blanket. No big deal, right? Well, it’s not if you’re a diligent knitter or crocheter and “stick to your knitting,” so-to-speak, every evening or at least every weekend. But you know you have a few months before the blessed event, so you dawdle in the garden until you’re too tired to even think about lifting a pair of needles or a crochet hook. This scenario repeats itself throughout the summer and, before you know it, you have a month before that bundle-of-joy arrives. A month!

Birdwing Baby BlanketTime to get moving….. And this is where the “knitting and crocheting is so relaxing” starts to fall apart. It’s crunch time and stress all of a sudden raises its ugly head. So best to get to crocheting that Picadilly baby blanket or Nice Baby Jacketknitting that Birdwing baby blanket now, while the spring rain is still keep that garden at arms-length.

When that stork finally arrives, there’s nothing that makes the winter months go faster than making baby sweaters! Babies may grow quickly, but there’s nothing like a mother’s exclamations of appreciation when she’s presented with yet another hand knitted or crocheted sweater!

Happy stitching,



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