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While I know many of you, including myself, are preparing to either travel to family or welcome them to your home, what I love so much about the holidays is having time, once all the craziness of dinner is over, to just sit and knit – or crochet. Let all that tryptophan kick in, watch the guys snooze and the kids play – and just get in some quiet time.

OK – enough of the mundane. It’s time for some fun. I did a Google search for crocheted turkeys just for a holiday look but found something very silly – but a great visual. Imagine going to dinner wearing a turkey…. The stuff you find on the web! More of this kind of thing here. Have fun!


Free is Good!
This is one of my favorite designs because it looks so challenging – but is SO simple to knit. Kristin Omdahl has done it again and created the ideal accessory in this Madrid collar. There’s no shaping, no decreases – just three needle size changes. That’s it! Knit in a modified (reversible) feather-and-fan stitch, one of my all-time favorites for an easy stitch that produces a stitch that looks difficult.

Try this F&F stitch to make a scarf in one of your other favorite colors of Country.

And just in time for your vacation on the Greek Isles – or just in preparation for when the weather warms again – crochet Susan Shildmyer’s long wrapped Lapa jacket in Spa’s Misty Taupe. The accent stitches on the sleeve make this design ideal for anyone who loves a long look and one with little emphasis on the horizontal – except for on a sleeve. The jacket is made using a double crochet throughout with the exception of the first row and the textured stitches on the sleeve.


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Well, it’s time to relax, take a deep breath and get on with our non-political lives. It’s closure. But this time, I’m talking about “real” ones – the type that are used to close cardigans and jackets. And there are some amazing ones out there. Some of my favorites come from Anthropologie, which seems to have a focus on interesting closures. Notice the covered snaps attached to the rolled knitted fabric – almost looks like thick i-cord – on the neckline to the left. Pretty cool….. So for the next couple blog entries, we will be exploring various types of closures and how they can impact your projects.

This Week’s Designs
Designed by one of my favorite designers of bags, Mary Nolfi, the Paris Carpetbag is the ideal bridge between a tote that can carry an extra pair of shoes, an umbrella and a spare sweater and a bag that’s roomy enough for one or more of your UFO’s. The Paris bag is crocheted in Country’s Spice House, Charcoal and Black in dense textured post stitches and is surprisingly sturdy and keeps its shape well – and certainly will draw rave reviews!

And the Apogee knitted capelet/jacket, designed by Kristin Omdahl, is another perfect blend design, one that can be worn as a capelet, or, tied around the waist, as a jacket. The flow of the easy feather-and-fan stitch and the drape of Spa makes this piece so incredibly versatile. Misty Taupe is the color, a perfect shade to wear at work or out in the evening.

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