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Teach the Children

I hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving, spending lots of time with family and friends. I was in Indiana where many of my family members have moved to. My family’s also a bit “mixed up,” the “new” American family, with lots of Korean, Chinese, Peruvian, Brazilian and African American members – along with those whose ancestry goes back to before the Revolutionary War. I love it all – Kim chi on Thanksgiving eve and Turkey on Thanksgiving…..

Here’s a niece of my sister-in-law’s, showing her cousin how to knit on huge needles. Hannah’s a student who is including knitting in her final art project as part of an installation (large art exhibit).

12 Days of Christmas
….and Chanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, etc……. Whatever you celebrate, we have 12 free patterns just for you. Everything from accessories to baby items to toys to door ornaments as Caron’s holiday season gift to you. If you haven’t signed up for Caron Connections, you can do so at the Caron website – and go to the 12 Days of Christmas archive for your free copies of the patterns.

New in Spa and Country
The Sanibel Wrap, designed by Melissa Matthay and knitted in Spa Rose Bisque, is comprised of two eyelet pattern stitches, one for the body (which is cast on lengthwise) and one for the edging (which is knitted crosswise). The softness of Spa makes this wrap work well in summer – or in warmer climates – but also is a wonderful accent over any winter jacket or coat.

Designed by Doris Chan in multiple colors of Country, the Rockland Throw is crocheted in one of the most interesting motifs I’ve ever seen. Be sure to check out the close-up of the stitch where you can see how well six colors of Country work so well together.


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Recycle, Reuse, Re-wear

Did you ever wonder where our projects go once they’ve been photographed and patterns written? Well, here in Montpelier, VT, we have a fabulous “previously owned” (aka gently used) clothing store, One More Time, right across the street from our office. A couple of times a year I bring over the garments for the shop owner to drool over and choose from. Once I even brought over the magazines in which the garments were featured. Leslie, the owner, put the magazines in the store window together with the sweaters and they sold out. When a project sells, Caron gets a credit at the store which I use to purchase garments for our photo shoots. It works great for both of us.

Some of our garments have quite a history and the paillette (large sequins with large holes) dress you see here was actually knitted on the Ultimate Sweater Machine for an infomercial we did with QVC. My daughter was modeling back then and wore the tube dress during that shoot. The dress was in the window for two days before it sold.

And for the throws, afghans and baby items, the Fletcher Allen hospital in Burlington welcomes these items with open arms, as they are given to kids with cancer, who are traumatized or who are just plain sick.

Next time I’ll let you know our design process and just how long it takes from the time a design has been submitted or conceived through its final use.

Fancy and Fun

To get you through those hours of play-by-plays after the dinner’s done while you’re trying to figure out what to do with all that leftover turkey, here are a couple, very different projects for you to start on.

Here’s the Fancy: The crocheted Savannah shawl, designed by Randy Cavaliere, is shaped using a step-effect and trimmed using an interesting picot stitch. Circular motifs form the center of the final openwork square. And the contrasting color trim makes this the Savannah shawl really stand out. Use your own color preference – there are 24 Country colors to choose from!

And here’s the Fun: The Turtle Bay baby hoodie vest, designed by Susan Robicheau, is knitted in a three-color slip stitch that results in a colorful tweed look. The bands and hood are done in stockinette stitch in Spa Green Sheen. The other two Spa colors are Rose Bisque and Soft Sunshine.

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