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Shrunken Knits

And, no, I don’t mean as in felting or as in when your DH put your favorite wool sweater in the dryer. I mean as in Coraline, the movie. In case you’ve somehow missed all the buzz about the knitwear that Coraline wears in the show, you can check our more info here. And be sure to watch the video on the page.

And for those of you lucky enough to be in the frozen north attending the Knit-Out at Mall of America, you’d see just how many people turn out for this event! I talked to local ladies and those who had traveled a distance to attend the event. Here are a couple of shots from the Mall of America. Recognize the Renaissance Tunic? You can get the pattern here. And that’s Lori Fuller, customer service and Bond whiz for Caron, who helped me out at the booth.

Free is Best

The San Antonio tunic, knitted in Country’s Vicuna and designed by Margret Wilson, is created using an slightly open “hour glass eyelet stitch,” an easy 8-row repeat pattern that mimics mini-cables but is just knit-purl combinations with just two rows having eyelets. The stitch is great for spring but isn’t open enough to be revealing. This is a great design for just about every shape (I’m one of those 80’s throwbacks who loves tunics). And the garter ribbed, “just-right” cowl is great for accenting your best asset: your face.

And just in time for spring, the Grove Isle bag, designed by “bag wizard” Mary Nolfi, is the perfect tote for the season. Crocheted in a double strand of Spa in Misty Taupe and Green Sheen, it uses post stitches to great effect and is perfectly lined. Lining a bag is not only such a perfect finish, but it allows you to insert all kinds of pockets customized to your needs. The shoulder straps are double braids and enclosed with loops at the sides of the bag, allowing the bag sides to gather slightly.


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