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Call it “taking knitting to extremes,” I wanted to share with you how yarn and knitting not only keeps our hands busy, but our mouths – and sweet tooths – as well. Cupcakes. Yup, with marzipan knitted toppings. And here’s a “how-to” to do the yarn balls, courtesy of http://www.trendhunter.com. Pretty cool. And tasty…..

Now back to fashion…..
While I’m not sure how many of you get Style.com’s fashion alerts, for those of you who don’t, I thought I’d share with you the “new” hat look for, yes, fall (after all, we DO have to look beyond spring even though the snow here in Vermont is still pretty high). I can always rely on one of my favorite designers, Karl Lagerfeld, to include knitted and crocheted stand-out items in his collection for the house – and at least a third of the models wore hats similar to this one. And check out the wrap and top of the dress as well. You could make one of these hats in time for your local Easter Parade – just make it in a double strand of Spa and it will work for you all spring.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you this message I received from a German knit group (“handarbeit” means “needlework” and “frau” means “women,” but that’s about all the German I know). So if any of you are German, you might want to check out this website. BTW, I told Ruth it was fine to translate the pattern into German.
Dear Cari Clement,

I showed the link to “Sherbrook Elongated Summer Jacket” in my German crochet communitiy and the girls fell in love with the jacket. They are very keen on starting a crochet along.

So I want to ask you if I`m allowed to translate the pattern into German and to publish it in our crochet community?
That would be wonderful!

looking forward to your answer
address of our craft community: http://www.handarbeitsfrauen.de

Now on to the free stuff!

Nothing says spring more than a bunny sweater, and so many are so cute – but so just for girls. The Louisville pullover, however, has “boy” written all over it! Designed by Kathy Perry and knitted in Country’s Spruce, Sunset, Deep Purple and Gilded Age, this pullover is much easier to knit than it looks. There’s just stripes. The blocks of color in Sunset along the bottom are done in duplicate stitch as is the bunny, who has a purchased pom trim tail and a few wisps of cotton crochet thread for whiskers. You say you’d like it for your niece? Just change around the colors a bit – there are plenty to choose from in the Country line – and you’ll have it.

At first glance, the Tuning Stone crocheted baby hoodie jacket looks like a vest. But designer Kim Guzman had a different idea. Why not create a tromp d’oeil effect by adding sleeves that look like there’s a whole sweater under the vest. With the post stitches of the vest so different from the single crochet stitches of the sleeves, it’s easy to think there are two garments here, especially the way Kim attached the sleeves: under the armhole bands. The vest section uses three colors of Spa: Green Sheen, Coral Lipstick and Soft Sunshine. The sleeves are done in Naturally.

So get busy! Spring’s here!


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