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And now for something really different – not so much the craft (those of us in the know have seen this going on for a while now) – it’s the term. No, it’s not a way to blow-up your yarn stash so you can buy more – it’s a really good thing! But now that it’s hit the financial reporting world of Forbes magazine, for some reason, they chose “bombing.” Go figure. But do go to the main article, then click on the highlighted “yarn-bombing” and you’ll get to this: It’s one of Forbes’ Seven top “hobbies of the future.” Check out the colors at the bottom of the “Welcome to Manhattan” sign for a clue as to what yarn-bombing is.

Jan Kahn, Caron’s VP of Sales – and a ham radio operator – has decided to yarn-bomb his antenna. I think I’ll yarn bomb our “Yield” sign at the end of our street – could make people actually yield if only to look at the “bomb”…..

Avalon Goes On and On…
This from Doris Chan:
“WOWSERS, Avalon is still topping the most popular recently added crochet pattern list at Ravelry. I see it has garnered over 400 hearts (favorites), more than most of the other stuff on my design pages.” I love “wowsers” – I really need to use that more…..

And for the Francophones among us, the pattern for the Avalon top had been translated into French. Per Doris: “The translator is Ravelry fan Larisa Szoke, FYI, and she did it so her mother could crochet the top.”

Bringing Out the Renegades in Us All
And here are a few shots from the Renegade Craft Fair that took place the first weekend of June in Brooklyn NY. I had a really hard time pulling my 2-year old granddaughter, Hazel, from the display of crocheted jewelry. I definitely see yarn in her future…. After all, what choice does she have??

And Now for the Free Patterns

Talk about a versatile design, the Santa Barbara wrap designed by Marilyn Losee, can work around your shoulders or opened up over your lap – or as a baby blanket! The stitches are simple but the effect is dramatic, knitted in Country’s Naturally, it goes with everything.

And for crocheters, especially followers of Kristin Omdahl’s designs, the Deerfield vest is a knockout! Whether you want to wear it over jeans or over a long skirt, it works. But it’s the lacy shawl collar and edging that is a special favorite of mine. Crocheted in Spa Green Sheen for a wonderful summer look.


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