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I made this super-easy scarf as my first pocket knitter project. I just cast on the pocket knitter and worked in knit stitch until the scarf was the length I wanted. Less than 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft Chunky yarn! No pattern needed. I added two tassels to each end for a finishing touch. Working in the knit stitch and not adding edging creates a nice curling effect.

I also started  a Pocket Knitter group on Ravelry, so come on over and join! Share your projects and ideas!

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This week’s pick comes from Buy.Caron.com‘s Luke Limbrunner, who e-mailed to remind me about the convergence of two entertainment fantasmas, Neil Patrick Harris and Joss Whedon. Ladies and gentlemen, they call it: Dr. Horrible! It’s available for your viewing pleasure on the web; it’s part fan-boy/part fan-kick; one of the characters wears knitwear. Need I say more?
So hey, there’s already a sing-along happening, so why not start a Dr. Horrible, knit-along? Wait, why not design a Dr. Horrible scarf (the Dr. Who scarf can be its accessory nemesis), for said knit-along? Don’t tempt me, people, I’ll do it! Oh, I (might) do it…
Felicia Day as “Penny”, wearing a delicate, mohair
Cardigan with Flutter Sleeves & Neckline

“Penny” wearing, Stockinette Stitch, Striped Wrist-warmers

Recommended Knitting:
Long Striped Hand Warmers, by Whit Knit for The Purl Bee
Diovani Gloves, by Marilyn Losee for NaturallyCaron.com
Purple Skein Wristwarmers, by me for VickieHowell.com
Nice Baby Jacket, by Melissa Matthay for NaturallyCaron.com
Cielo Shrug, by Susan Shildmyer for Naturally Caron.com
Eva Cardigan, by c2Knits
See over 55 more, Movie Monday posts here!
Happy viewing; happy knitting!

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Doris Chan & Vickie Howell at the NY Sheep & Wool Festival

  A beautiful, blustery day in Rhinebeck, NY, for the start of the Festival.  Check out Doris is wearing her now-famous (and free pattern)  Broomstick Lace Scarf in Celestial, a new color of Simply Soft.   And the mitts she’s wearing are her design (of course) and are being featured in Interweave’s new Crochet Accessories special issue.  And Vickie?  She’s working on…..well….more on that at a later date…..  Bottom line is, we all had great fun, saw lots of sheep (well, more yarn than sheep) and made plans to do it all again next year.

But before I go, I wanted to share with you my first favorite (I have two) “yarn animals” – an angora goat, the curlied guys that produce fiber known as mohair.  I have no idea how he could see me, but he came over to see what that silver thing in my hand was – or he was just a natural ham.

Angora Goats

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At last I have managed to complete a swatch on the USM!  I will be honest – there was A LOT of frustration.  No matter what I did I kept having stitches just drop off from the middle of my work for no apparent reason.  And when half of the row drops off, it winds up being beyond repair. Then I would start all over. Ugh. 
So I talked with Cari the other day about it.  Turns out that my problem was I was allowing the front of the carriage to lift up a little as I was knitting across the row.  I tried once again with this in mind, and voila!  I managed to knit a good sized swatch. 
I dropped a couple of stitches at the beginning of a row when the work got pretty long.  This was my first attempt to pick up/fix dropped stitches.  I know I didn’t get it perfect since If you look carefully at the left side of my work about half way up, you can see the flaw in my work, but I feel pretty good about it for  a first try.  Then I used the S hooks and rubber bands on the edges, and had no more problems. I have got to get some claw weights!
Now, time to bind off!  It actually wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  I used the chain method.  One note– make sure you leave enough yarn to bind off. I made the mistake of not leaving enough yarn, so I had to tie another piece to the end so I could finish. 
All  in all I feel pretty good that I FINALLY managed to finish a swatch. It has been frustrating for me trying to work out all the kinks in the process, but now I feel ready to attempt a real project! 

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Hazel feeding the goats: "Her tongue really tickles!"

It’s almost here!  The New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  And if you read Vickie’s comments in this week’s Caron Connections, you’ll know she’ll be there.  And Doris.  And Diane.  And Hazel, Naima, Chris – and baby ?? on the way.  We’ll all get together for a fun time, which is becoming our family and friends tradition.  Sure, there’s lots of yarn, but there’s even more fun:  rides and events for the kids, fabulous food (the French artichokes are amazing), classes (knit, crochet, spinning, wool art (yup), weaving), demos (I’ll never forget the woman who was spinning right off her angora rabbit), sheep dog competitions (herding both ducks and sheep).  You can even buy your favorite breed of sheep, goat, alpaca, llama, angora rabbit (haven’t seen any musk ox for sale yet, though…).  Doris is teaching, Ravelry has a party, Vickie is hooking up with her BFFs, I get to chase around my favorite 4-year old (I get there early to be sure I have enough time to check out the barns of yarns first though).  I drive about 3.5 hours from the Adirondacks to get there, so if you’re within that radius, it definitely is worth the drive.  And it’s supposed to be a wonderful-weather weekend.  So see you there!!  And, if you’re way too far away, I’ll bring pix for next week’s blog.

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New Designs in Crochet!

Bold Blues Throw by Kim Biddix

The Noggins by KJ Hay

 Check out the November issue of Crochet! magazine with two new designs.  Well, if you want to count all of KJ’s Noggins, that’ll come to 13 new designs.  The first two Noggins patterns are featured, but you’ll have to wait to get the remaining 11 patterns for these amazing little guys.  They were the hit of the booth at our last CHA trade show and Carol Alexander knew a good thing when she saw them and scooped them right up for her magazine.  All of them are crocheted in Simply Soft Brites.

And Kim Biddex’ gorgeous throw in blue shades of Simply Soft and printed colors of Simply Soft Paints is a real standout!

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Being married to the founding editor of a movie review website can have its perks, one of which is sometimes getting advanced screeners of great flicks. This was the case with film festival darling, Barry Munday. With a supporting cast that includes veteran favorites Jean Smart, Malcolm McDowell (Fun Fact: I met him when I was 19 0r 20 and an extra on the video game he starred in, Wing Commander 4.) and Cybill Shepherd, it’d be hard to not to create a fun, film experience. Director, Chris D’Arienzo, delivers with a delightfully quirky finished project that’ll leave you smiling…and not just because of all of the onscreen yarnwear. 😉

Oh, and I hear that star, Judy Greer (who’s great in this, btw), is a knitter herself!

Jean Smart as “Carol, wrapped in a Crocheted Afghan

Judy Greer as “Ginger”, wearing an over-sized Fair Isle Sweater

Crocheted Vest

Ribbed & Cabled Pullover

Pullover Tunic
Openwork Vest by, Kim Rutledge
Chocolate Sky Afghan, by Rachael Chua
Pletzer Cable Cardi, by Dots & Yarn
Happy viewing; happy stitching!

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