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Knit? illustration

Sometimes I feel as if I spend as much time in the air as on the ground, so, since I had finished my last crochet (or was it knit?) project before landing, I picked up Hemispheres magazine in the seat pocket discovered this article on yarn bombing.  While there are more photos in the actual magazine (I’m sure most of you have seen the crochet-encased car below), it was also interesting for the article to talk primarily knitting (OK, some crochet) but mostly to show crocheted projects (at least in the close-ups) – and with the opening caption under a very obviously crocheted “spray wool” can (above) at the beginning of the article, “knitted illustraion by Kate Jenkins.”  While I love my United, I have two questions, the first for their publisher:  one is, who fact-checks these articles??  The second for the interviewee:  who has time to knit and/or crochet around all this stuff – and run a business too???  That said, the installations are just great.  So for any of you traveling on United any time soon, be sure to pick up a Hemispheres magazine to see all the photos.  Some are below.

Makes an exit ramp so much more colorful!
Great photo! Yes, these are knitted – I’d like a matching pair – and a trip to Paris!


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Cole's First Day

Yeah, I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but that will change now that “new grandma brain” has subsided:  my new grandson, Cole, was born Saturday morning, January 8, and I high-tailed it to Brooklyn to help out as taxi driver, playmate for his sister, cook, housekeeper – and support.  But now it’s back to normal and back to blogging a bit more than before – and knitting and crocheting small things for small people…..

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Greenberg serves up a plate of depression with a side of comedy and knitwear chaser. Here are a few shots of my fave part of the movie: the sweaters!
Greta Gerwig as “Florence”, wearing a comfy, Aran Jacket

Ben Still as “Greenberg”, wearing a Cabled Pullover

“Florence” in a chunky, Bobbled Cardi

Recommended Knitting:
Arusha Jacket, by Margret Wilson for NaturallyCaron.com
Iquitos Cable Sweater, by Anne E. Smith for NaturallyCaron.com
Starsky Sweater, by Jordana Paige for Knitty
Happy viewing; happy stitching!
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