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This week I checked in with Ravelry’s Simply Soft® Worshippers group to see what they loved most about the yarn.
According to them, here are the Top 5 Reasons that Stitchers *Heart* Simply Soft:
1. It’s super soft.
2. It’s easy to care for.
3. It’s affordable–but doesn’t feel like it should be!
4. It’s got a great sheen.
5. It’s really easy to work with.
To quote crocheter KrisMarie, “It’s simply beautiful, simply easy to crochet and simply fits in my budget!”

Why do you love Simply Soft? Tell us, and you might get famous (and win free yarn, too!)! Introducing theWhy I Love Simply Soft” contest. For the next 30 days, starting tomorrow, we’ll select one entry each day in the “Why I Love Simply Soft” contest. Winning entries will appear on our home page for 24 hours and receive 6 skeins of Simply Soft! So go ahead, tell us why you love Simply Soft!




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This week’s festival o’ knitwear comes courtesy of the kick-butt movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Completely original (and loads of fun), this flick softens the (many) blows with an abundance of knitwear!
Ellen Wong as “Knives”, Wearing an Extra-Long, Striped Scarf

Fingerless Glove

Mary Elizabeth Winsteadas “Ramona”, Wearing a
Stockinette Stitch, Cropped Pullover

Michael Cera as “Scott”, wearing Stocking Cap

Recommended Knitting:
Fingerless Gloves, by Jenny Bellew (from Vogue Knitting on the Go Mittens)
Happy viewing; happy stitching!
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It’s Kind of a Funny Story is actually, well, a great story. A confused teen checks himself into a psychiatric hospital, and finds his way through the eyes of the mentally astray.

Oh, and thinking I wouldn’t notice all of the knitwear onscreen–well, that’s just crazy.

Stockinette Stitch Beanie

Emma Roberts as “Noelle”, wearing a Cabled Cardigan

Ribbed, Super-slouchy Hat

Lauren Graham as “Lynn”, wearing a Knit Beret

Recommended Knitting:
NaturallyCaron.com’s Astana Hat, by Lisa Gentry
Skull Caps (w/o the skull painting)
Happy viewing; happy knitting!
P.S. Check out my Haiku Movie Review of this movie, over on Smells Like Screen Spirit!

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Hearts About Town

Hearts abound about town in Montpelier


Every Valentine’s Day it happens.  No one knows who or when – but when everyone arrives for their morning coffee, they’re everywhere.  The Valentine elves.  You’ll also note the northcountry tradition of not removing Christmas decorations until Easter…..but the blending of the green with the red hearts is actually quite charming, don’t you think?  The doors to the building where the Caron Design Center is located are the two on the far right, with the 3 hearts.

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Valentine Fun Day

Hazy loves her new Heart Pendant

It finally arrived – Take My Heart Pendant –  modeled by its recipient.  I also enclosed a knitted Dazzleaire sweater coat (watch for the pattern in March Connections) and a bunch of stick-on jewels which Hazy were better stuck on herself than anywhere else.  I never told her about that third eye!

Her new little brother, Cole, is a bit too new to quite understand Valentine’s Day, but his big sister will explain it to him very thoroughly, I’m sure.  Baby Cole was born on January 8 – just as I arrived at Long Beach for TNNA, of course – a healthy 7 lbs 14 oz and growing fast.

Cole, one month old

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Square Banner
I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of my new yarn line with Caron International, Stitch.Rock.Love! The first yarn in the line, Sheep(ish)–a wool blend–will hit Jo-Ann Stores and Buy.Caron.com  in June. I’m so excited!
I’ve spent the last 8 months, working on fiber content, hand-picking each of the 21 colors, and designing garments for the launch (stay tuned in upcoming months for loads of free patterns). It’s been such a blast, and I couldn’t be happier to be able to bring you a roving-style yarn that’s rich-looking, but affordable in price.
Here’s a peek at the palette:
21 Flavors of Sheep(ish)
Note: I took these shots myself, so colors may appear different on your screen.
21 Flavors of Sheep(ish)
Knit Swatch: in colors Espresso(ish) & Lime(ish)
Crochet Swatch: in color Turquoise(ish)
Knit Swatch: in color Magenta(ish)
I’ll be updating you with scoop as I have it over the next few months. What I can tell you now is that so far, Jo-Ann has picked the line to be on end-caps of 250+ stores, and it’ll be available on Buy.Caron.com (as of this summer). Independent retailers will be able to order it through Notions Marketing so if you’ve got a favorite, local store–please, ask ’em to order it!
Keep in mind, since Sheep(ish) isn’t available to the public until June, we don’t have a dedicated web page for it, yet. It’s all coming though, I promise! I just couldn’t wait any longer, to share the news.
Publications, please send all press inquiries to Lynn Carlisle: ljc@carlislecommunications.com
As always, thanks for the support!
Vickie & The Caron Crew

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