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No yarn? No problem! (Like any knitter or crocheter is ever going to run out of yarn!) Just grab your pocket knitter and some scrap fleece you have hanging around.

I made this cell phone holder using the Pocket Knitter and strips of fleece. I purchased the fleece as a remnant at my local craft store. The neat thing about it is that is looks kind of felted, only without the extra effort involved. The fleece worked perfect on the pocket knitter and created a thick protective cover for a cell phone. This would be terrific for making a protective case for any hand held device.

If you’re not familiar with the pocket knitter, no knitting knowledge or experience is required. Learn more about the pocket knitter at the Bond America  site.

For this project, you will need:

Fleece Fabric (a remnant piece is just fine)
Ribbon or leather cord (approximately 16-18”)
Decorative Button (optional)
Yarn needle
Sewing Needle and thread (to attach button)

Cut your fleece the long way in strips about ½” wide. Give each strip a pull or gentle tug. This will cause the fleece to curl.

Using the fleece strips, cast on 14 stitches.
Work in St st until piece measures approximately 4.5” or desired height of finished cell phone bolder.
Bind off across.

Fold work in half. Using a strip of fleece and the yarn needle, sew the side and bottom closed, leaving the top open.
Using yarn needle, weave in all ends.
Weave your cord in and out between every other row all the way around the top until you have reached your beginning point. Tie knot in desired spot.
Sew on button in desired location.


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It’s been a while, but I finally found some time to work on another project using the Pocket Knitter.  Using Simply Soft Party in Black Sparkle and Snow Sparkle, I made this little purselet.  Great for storing a couple of personal items for your evening on the town, holding your cell phone, or even just a great little gift for a little girl!



  • Caron International’s Party (99 % Acrylic, 1% Polyester; 3oz/85g, 171yds/156m): Shown in: # 0007 Black  Sparkle (A) and #0001 Snow Sparkle (B) 
  • Pocket Knitter
  • One size US H-8 (5.0mm) crochet hook
  • 1/8” wide ribbon in white, approx 22” long
  • 1” diameter button, or desired size
  • Yarn needle

NOTES: This entire project is made working with two strands of yarn, one in each color.

PURSE: Working two strands of yarn, cast on 14 stitches with the Pocket Knitter. Work in St st until piece measures approximately 12 inches. Bind off across.

PURSE STRAP:  With crochet hook and A, create ch about 20” long.   Turn.

Row 1:  Sc in each ch to end.  Bind off.  Weave ribbon in and out throughout the length of the strap. Tie a knot in each end.  Trim ribbon and yarn ends as needed. 

FLOWER:  With crochet hook and B, ch 5, slip stitch in 1st ch, ch1. Round 1: 6 sc in ring, sl st to 1st sc. Round 2: ch 3, dc in same sp, dc in next sc, sl st in next st, repeat from * around 5 more times. Bind off. Weave in ends.

FINISHING:  Fold in half. Using yarn needle and B, stitch sides together.   With crochet hook and B, work one row sc around top. Sew Flower on front of purse.   Sew button on top of flower. Run strap through alternating stitches oninside of purse all the way around and tie ends. Weave in all ends. Block lightly, if desired.

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I used the Pocket Knitter to make these doll hats for some Christmas gifts.  I know two young ladies who want some clothing for their 18″ dolls (you know what dolls I’m talking about).   After knitting a rectangle with the pocket knitter, I sewed opposite sides together, gathered up the opening on the top and added the pom, then crocheted the brim to finish it off.  My very large cat, Oreo, is less than thrilled to be modeling one of the hats. 

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I did another scarf with the pocket knitter.  This time I crocheted around the outside to eliminate the curling edges.  I used a double strand of Dazzleaire in Tidal Pool and Simply Soft Paints in Driftwood.  I am pleased with how it looks.  For my next project I am going to do the pearl stitch so that there is no curling edges. 

My 10-year old daughter has also expressed an interest in using the pocket knitter, so I may spend some time teaching her this weekend.  I am just going to start her off on the regular stitch. It should be no problem.  She wants to make a hat for her American Girl doll. 

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I made this super-easy scarf as my first pocket knitter project. I just cast on the pocket knitter and worked in knit stitch until the scarf was the length I wanted. Less than 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft Chunky yarn! No pattern needed. I added two tassels to each end for a finishing touch. Working in the knit stitch and not adding edging creates a nice curling effect.

I also started  a Pocket Knitter group on Ravelry, so come on over and join! Share your projects and ideas!

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