Get into the spirit and treat yourself and your besties to some fantastic Caron Valentine’s-themed accessory patterns!

Valentine Scarf Duo (crochet)

Valentine Scarf Duo (crochet)

Lacy Cluster Cowl (crochet)

Lacy Cluster Cowl (crochet)


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(photo by Yarn Bomb Yukon)

Looks like it can get so cold in the Yukon that even the airplanes need sweaters!

As part of a collaboration with The Yukon Transportation Museum and The Yukon Arts Center Public Art Gallery, members of the Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective worked for 5 hours to cover this 70 year old DC-3 with a 2,500 foot airplane cozy! Knitters from across North America joined in, creating granny squares made of acrylic wool to contribute to the project.

If you happen to be in the Yukon, you can see the airplane cozy up close and in person until it’s torn down on August 21st. Once removed, pieces of it will be cleaned and turned into blankets that will help people in need stay warm this winter.

Back from TNNA!

Tulip Booth Display

I just got back from spending a couple of days at TNNA (The National Needle Arts convention) in Columbus, OH. This is the bi-annual trade show where yarn stores come to order new products and designers meet with yarn companies and magazines about future gigs. This year, I went on behalf of Tulip needles and hooks to hang out and demonstrate their products. It was a good time, and especially nice to see friends, talk shop and play with new yarns and tools! Here are a few, quickie shots I snapped while I was there. xoxo, Vic

Tulip gifted me Carry T, Carry C & Rose Etimo Hook sets. I’m one lucky gal!
Got to see one of my favorite people in the industry -- the brilliant, Erika Knight.:) #TNNA 
One of my all-time favorite designers and over all amazing woman, Erika Knight.
Here’s a lilac version of the Purple Ninja for Purple Stitch Project, hanging out to promote the charity.
With IC Editor, Marcy Smith
With Editor-in-Chief of Interweave Crochet, Marcy Smith at the Craftsy party. Love the Tammy Hildebrand tunic she’s wearing!
With designer, Ellen Gormley
With designer, Ellen Gormley at the Craftsy party.
With Drew Emborsky
With my buddy, Drew Emborsky (aka The Crochet Dude). Have you checked out his crochet tool empire, lately? So proud of him!
Last week I  launched Purple Stitch Project to benefit children with epilepsy (read about the inspiration behind PSP here), and I’m already coming to you guys with a need. Next month in Bastrop (you know, where the HUGE fires wiped out 4,000 homes last year) there’s going to be this great camp hosted by The Epilepsy Foundation of Central & South Texas in partnership with Texas Parks & Wildlife. Camp Brainstorm is a 5-day experience for kids, ages 8-18 who have seizure disorders.
It’ll be a wonderful experience for the 40+ kids they’re expecting — one that I’d like to make even better by supplying each kiddo with their very own handmade plushie, courtesy of Purple Stitch Project. To make this happen though, I need your help! I’m asking that you knit, crochet or sew 1 (or more) plushie to donate for the cause.  Who’s with me?
Perhaps the PSP mascots, the Purple Ninjas will convince you?
Purple Ninja Speaks Knit
Knit this ninja for a kid camper! Get the pattern here.
Purple Ninja Speaks2
Crochet this ninja for a kid camper! Get the pattern here.
Here’s the scoop:
WHAT: Any plushie (animal, doll, robot, etc.) made or embellished with PURPLE yarn or fabric. Clock on the links above to get the patterns for the mascot ninjas, or work from your favorite pattern. Just keep in mind that the kids at this camp aren’t little-bitty, so let’s try and stay away from anything that seems to babyish.
WHEN: Finished plushies are due to me by July 20th.

WHERE: Send items to: 
Purple Stitch Project
9901 Brodie Ln.
Ste 160 #268
Austin, TX 78748

WHY: Because handmade = love.

Looking for purple yarn suggestions that work well for plushy making? Any of the following are great choices:
Sheep(ish) in colors: Magenta(ish) or Plum(ish)
Simply Soft in colors: Berry Blue, Lavender Blue, Irish, Passion, Grape, or Plum Perfect
Simply Soft Party in color: Purple Sparkle
Caron One Pound in colors: Lilac, Iris or Deep Violet
We dig comments, so let me know if you’re up to the challenge!
Please visit the Purple Stitch Project for more information on the initiative. Thank you SO much in
VickiePsst…pass it on!
After my dad passed away in 2010, I came across a few of my very first crochet projects while cleaning out his attic. One of which, was the multi-colored, granny square doll blanket pictured below. This finding reinforces the fact that handmade items are a representation of history — this blanket sharing a bit of mine.
Doll blanket I made when I was about 9-years-old.

For the latest installation of my Home Hooking column for Interweave Crochet’s Summer Issue, I share a bit of my story about learning to crochet as a child, talk about why granny squares are a great way for kids to learn to crochet, and give the pattern for a modern take on a dolly classic.

Hello, Dolly! blankie shown in Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) yarn

Grab the issue on stands or at Crochetme.com today– digital copies available, too!




Golf Club Cozy
With dad’s day coming up I thought I’d share the pattern for a golf club cover I made for my father-in-law a couple of years ago. Admittedly, I don’t know anything about golf, but this cozy was a special request so I did my best. I’m happy to say that Mr. Wayne Campbell was quite pleased with the finished product, and I’m hoping that the golfer in your life will be, too. Happy Father’s Day! — Vickie

Personalized Golf Club Cover
by Vickie Howell
1 Ball each Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) for Caron (70% Acrylic/30% Wool; 167 yds/153 m) in colors: (A) Espresso(ish) (00009), (B) Teal(ish) (00016), (C) Taupe(ish) (00011)
Set of size US 8/5 mm dpns — or size needed to obtain gauge
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle
18 sts x 22 rows = 4”/10 cm in St st
With A, CO 38 sts. Divide evenly over 3 dpns. Place marker and join, taking care not to twist.
Rnd 1: *K1, p1; rep from * around.
Rnds 2-6: Rep Rnd 1.
Join C.
Rnds 7-10: Rep Rnd 1.
Cut C. Switch to A.
Rnds 11-14: Rep Rnd 1.
Join B.
Rnds 15-16: Rep Rnd 1.
Cut B. Switch to A.
Rnds 17-42: Rep Rnd 1.
Rnd 43: Knit, inc 10 sts evenly around. (48 sts)
Rnds 44-50: Knit.
Join B.
Rnd 51: Knit.
Cut B. Switch to A.
Rnds 52-75: Knit.
Cut A. Join C.
Rnd 76: *K2tog, k2; rep from * around. (36 sts.)
Rnds 77, 79 & 81: Knit.
Rnd 78: *K2tog, k1; rep from * around. (24 sts)
Rnd 80: *K2tog; rep from * around. (12 sts.)
Rnd 82: *K2tog; rep from * around. (6 sts)
Cut yarn, leaving a 6”/15 cm tail. Using tapestry needle, feed tail through live sts on needles; let them fall off; cinch closed.
Using strands of A & B held together and 3″/7.5cm piece of cardboard, wrap yarn around cardboard approx 50 times. Slip wraps off cardboard and tie a piece of yarn tightly around the center of the wraps. Cut both ends of wraps and fluff pompom. Trim.
Using beginning and ending tails of tie, tie pompom to each end.
Weave in ends.
Embroider desired initial, using a tapestry needle, chain stitch and B.

Embroidered Chain Stitch