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Holiday Memories

Every year we all gather early in the year to think about the holiday season that has just passed us way too quickly. Every year is different and every year memorable in some way. For me it was giving my 2-year old granddaughter, Hazel, a tricycle and watching her do her best to ride around a house strewn with ribbon and wrapping paper. I love how 2-year olds give the “layered look” a whole new meeting: Simply Soft hat, scarf and, peeking out under the dress, cabled top, the dress, made in Rwanda mostly covered by a flowered tutu made by my daughter, Hazel’s mom, a former dancer, and the re-purposed giraffe slippers, all over pajamas.

It was also realizing that the best gifts were not only that of having time just being together (actually, the best gift), but giving and receiving gifts that were important throughout the year: a gift of a membership to a zoo or museum (that has the double benefit of also giving-back), a hand-made gift that will be worn many times, a framed photo of a special moment, a hand-made scrapbook that’s updated annually. While kids will always get gifts for learning and growing, it’s those that last all year that I enjoy the most.

And it’s all about traditions. One of mine is to see as many of the NYC store windows and Christmas lights as possible within the endurance level of whoever I’m with – in this case, a 2-year-old – and this year was no exception. But this year I was able to combine that with a photo shoot and a pleasantly long drive with a great friend from college (don’t ask what year…). When Lynda and I stopped at a Starbucks in Albany NY, we met up with Vicki and Laurie Jo, who meet there regularly to, of course, knit. They graciously allowed me to take their picture to share with you. We also have to give kudos to Starbucks, however, for their holiday decorations this year…..

More Sharing …..
For January, we have two treats for you, the Mumbai jacket and the Bozeman baby jacket.

The Mumbai jacket is knitted using two strands of Spa: Ocean Spray and Berry Frappe, which, accented with a terra-cotta colored ceramic button, is perfect for now or into the spring. The jacket was designed by Ann E. Smith and has softly ribbed sleeves and collar with an easy knot stitch accent in the body.

The Bozeman baby jacket, designed by Marty Miller, is crocheted in Peacock Country with Foliage trim and pockets. It’s a simple single crochet and in colors that are perfect for a new baby boy. But you could change the colors to Rose Bisque with Ocean Spray trim and it would be as perfect for a baby girl – with perhaps a couple of flowers embroidered on the pockets.


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