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Cari and Doris at the entrance to Club Caron

While it may not be the 80’s (or 50’s 0r 60’s or….) anymore, DJ Doris had something for everyone at Club Caron, a first-time event for Chain Link.  Caron sponsored the Friday nite dance party so crocheters would have a place to socialize – and let off some steam – after a day of serious crochet classes.  And let off steam they did!  Starting with Jacque and her husband, Irv doing a bit of two-step, foxtrot and tango to Sinatra and ending (or leading into) some Village People (yeah, that’s an “A”), some Macarena, a bit of the slide and a chicken dance thrown in, among others.  Kimberly McAlindin even got everyone dancing to her aerobic routine!  And others preferred to keept their dancing shoes at home (that will change next year, guys) and had fun just sittin’ and chattin’.  Goin’ strong from 7 til midnite!

Jackie and Irv cuttin' the rug...

Carol, Ellen and Margaret - Dance Floor Divas!

Y-M-C-A – I think that’s the A…..

Line dance led by Kimberly, says she learned it in aerobics class....??

Everybody follow Kimberly....

So what's wrong with an aerobic moves dance???

Tammy, Deb boogie down - with the chicken dance??


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Ellen Gormley, Kimberly McAlindin and Kristin Omdahl in front of Design Competition Display

What an event!  The online praises are everywhere about Chain Link 2010, held in Manchester NH the first week of July.  We hope you’ll be there next year – Minneapolis, July 27-31.  There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead!  You could never have more fun than be surrounded by non-stop crocheters everywhere – and knitters too, since this was a joint show with TKGA.  But since I’m on the board of CGOA, my focus was on the CGOA events.

I have a few blog entries because we had way too much fun – and too many photos – to put in one post.  So let me start from the first event:  the Design Competition, chaired by none other than our bud – and designer extraordinaire – Doris Chan.  My shots of Doris were way too blurry to show here – wonder why??  That girl never stops moving!

Doris was everywhere, almost as if there were triplets:  Design Competition, Club Caron and Banquet Fashion Show, one right after the other. 

The first event was the judging of the Design Competition entries, aptly handled by Jean Leinhauser, Edie Eckman and Bobbie Matella.

Jean, Edie and Bobbie pausing from Judging - except Jean

Then all the entries were mounted to show them at their best. 

Kimberly and Bertha (the mannequin, not the dress) with her contest entry - crocheted in Simply Soft!


CGOA had a wonderful volunteer professional photographer, so check out the photos on the Flicker pool on www.crochet.org.

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Urban Jungle FO Round-Up!

As a knit/crochetwear designer, seeing people successfully make projects using my patterns is akin to what I imagine it must be like for fashion designers to see people on the street, wearing their clothes. When I first started out on this career path, I had to rely on people e-mailing me pictures of their FOs.  Thanks to social networking options like FaceBook, Ravelry, Flickr and Twitter however, now it’s easier than ever to ogle stitchers’ work online!

I’ve particularly loved watching my latest Simply Soft pattern, the Urban Jungle slouchy beanie, being whipped-up by so many people over the past few weeks.  It’s been a blast seeing the different color combinations and clever modifications, as well as the sassy model shots! Here’s a round-up of some of the beanies (and their makers), just waiting to be worn this Fall. Enjoy!

By CamiC

By Jane and Chevyrell

Lady Ashbridge, Miriam Gonzales and Karen Baumer

By (L-R) Naztazia, Kim White, Tbird & Crystal, and Lindsay517

By NanaKnits4U

By Marg


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Over the weekend we watched 2009’s Whiteout and although it wasn’t my favorite thriller of all time, it did have a couple of great, knitted pieces in it!

Cable & Fair Isle Hat

Kate Beckinsale as “Carrie”, wearing a Chunky Cabled Cardigan

Recommeded Knitting:
Caron’s Chunky Jacket, by Kelly Klem
Caron’s Crocheted Peruvian Earflap Hat
Cabled Chullo, by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Happy viewing; happy knitting!

Caron on Twitter: @caronyarns
See more Movie Monday posts here!

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Here are are latest projects for your stitching pleasure! Click on images to get the patterns.

Crocheted Open Work Wrap, by Lisa Gentry

Yarn: Simply Soft in Black
Crocheted Urban Jungle Beanie, by Vickie Howell
Yarn: Simply Soft in Grey Heather

Knit Textured Tunic Vest, by Susan Shildmyer
Yarn: Simply Soft Eco in Soft Taupe

Crocheted Edgewater Tunic, by Patricia Williams
Yarn: NaturallyCaron.com Spa in Berry Frappe

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Kim Guzman's One Button Cardi in Knit Simple, photo by Paul Amato

Check out Kim Guzman’s way-cute single-button cardi in Spa Berry Frappe, featured in this month’s issue of Knit Simple!  It’s on page 46 and we  know you’ll have to have one!

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