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I’m here in New York, coincidentally during Fashion Week and, while Bryant Park doesn’t look as busy as I thought it would, the creative inspiration is all around in the City.  Especially the colors.  My absolute favorite place to go for that requisite shot of inspiration is Anthropologie – and not only for the knitwear, but for the decor of the store as a whole.  From the recycled, color-sprayed-and-painted plastic drinking glasses that were then cut up and turned into flowers to the flat paper flowers stitched together in a chain and draped over benches to create a canopy of sorts to indoor “trees” comprised of shredded paper.  Hummmm….kind of looks a bit like yarn, no??  For photos of the drinking-glass flowers, head on over to my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000532724716  But here are photos of some of the other Anthro goodies:

Really going green - shredded paper trees at Anthropologie

A colorful corner at Anthropologie

Paper flower canopy at Anthropologie


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Now that the Superbowl is behind us (yay Saints! – New Orleans deserves a celebration!), we can all now look forward to Vancouver and the Olympics.  Not sure if any of you saw the NY Times magazine section yesterday, but I LOVE the knitted items shown, even the wild-and-crazy ones.  And one of those is figure skater Johnny Weir’s amazing costume.  Drop stitches, stripes, center seaming, short rows – and those loopy-stitch “ankle warmers” – purely decorative, I’m sure.  I can’t wait to see THAT on ice!  You DO know he’s wearing a bodysuit too…

And check out sweater on Jesse (Speedy) Peterson!  Multi-colors of blue and white loop-stitch body and multi-strand knitted sleeves.  I wonder if that helps keep him aloft longer during his freestyle competitions??

Then there’s figure skater Rachel Flatt in, what looks like, a crocheted outfit with flying strands of yarn.  I love it!

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